Edradour Natural Cask Strength Ibisco

Bottled at 58.9%, 700 ml, Cost to secure $180.00

This Edradour bottling was aged 10 years and a day in 7 different ex-bourbon casks. Here are some of the tasting details on that bottle:

Nose: Vanilla Bean, butterscotch with spicy oak and floral aromas, would recommend comparing before and after addign a drop or two of water

Palate: Full bodied and robust with intense sweet and fruity notes. Vanilla is paired with fresh herbs and spicy oak. The drop or two of water helps to tone down the strength of the alcohol and opens up the flavours

Finish: Medium length, subtle sweetness with warm floral notes

Once again another fine offering from Edradour which specializes in smaller batch offerign and fnishes like this example, quite a way to kick off our 16th anniversary tasting!

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