Glenfiddich Tasting Review

On February 26th, Expensive Taste KW was graced with the presence of Glenfiddich and taken on a tasting tour of a variety of the drams available, and a special rare cask Storas 21.






For anyone that hasn’t tried any of the Glenfiddich bottles I suggest you go out and purchase one of these fine batches. Whether it’s the beginner level 12 year old or a rare hard to find 21 year old Stòras with only 4,600 bottles produced I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

12 year Review
Nose:  A nice scent of fruits mixed with a hint of caramel. Although a little dry, it has crisp earthy tones with next to no smoke scent.

Pallet:   It has a thin, watery body to it which flows very well down the throat.  Slight taste of pear with very mild oak and vanilla flavorings makes this a very easy drinker.

Finish:  The finish is a little sweet but has a long, smooth and mellow taste that makes me want to indulge more frequently. Great overall bottle, especially for the price.

15 year Review
  This 15yr old has an amazing smell of honey and vanilla mixed with rich dark fruits that all blend beautifully together.

Pallet:  The pallet is smooth with hints of sherry, cinnamon and vanilla which give it a full body of bursting unforgettable flavor.

Finish:  The finish is definitely anything but bitter. With a taste of faint dried fruits, a little nuttiness and almost a shortbread lingering, this 15yr old is satisfyingly rich in sweetness and is one of my all-time favorites.

18 year Review
  A rich aroma of fruit, oak, hint of apple and a slight whiff of sherry make this an amazing kick to the nose for a batch that has been in casks for 18 years.

Pallet:   The taste delivers rich, elegant flavors you could only expect from an 18 year old.  Strong hazelnut and pecan flavorings mixed with fruit and honey make this an exceptional year.

Finish:  Medium finish but very warm and inviting. Leaves a savory, distinguished taste at the back of your throat. Glenfiddich knew what they were doing with this batch.

The Original – 63 Review
  A great mixture of vanilla, sweet honey, berries, dry fruit and a touch of oakiness makes this original flow nicely with the senses. Also has the strongest scent of these 5 reviews.

Pallet:  Starts soft and sweet with notes of caramel and honey, then dips into Smokey oak with just a touch of peat, citrus and spices.

Finish:  Has the finish Glenfiddich is known for but enough character to keep it interesting and deliciously dry. Great bottle.

Storas 21 Year Rare Cask Reserve

Nose:  Very peaty smell but blends nicely with the aroma of mocha, vanilla and toasted nuts.

storas21Pallet:  This bottle is a little sweet like the original 63 but has a wonderful taste of oaky vanilla and caramelized fruit with just a touch of smoke and spices.

Finish: The finish on the Stòras is amazing and very enjoyable. The medium intensity of this easy drinker is something you need to try if you are a fan of whisky. With a long complex finish of fruits, oak and buttery goodness this is absolutely something worth indulging in if you can stomach the price tag of almost $200.