Auchentoshan 15 (2003) – Distiller’s Art

I have no complaints about any Auchentosan I’ve tried, usually not a whisky that makes you go Wow, but consistent in quality. This 15 year-old is a bit of a different bird as it was bottled by Distiller’s Art from a refill Hogshead. At 48% ABV, it is pretty mild.

The nose is sweet honey and has hints of fresh grassy fields. The palate delivers a pepper spice, albeit mild and short, with hints of salt and mild citrus. The finish has a nice short burn that doesn’t linger.

Definitely a bottle you could sit around and keep pouring out on a summer night. Once again, Auchentoshan does not disappoint with a consistent and well manicured dram. $182 sourced from the LCBO in 2020 – Chad N.

Macduff 1997 First Edition

The nose reminds me of walking into a well maintained Century Home, this whisky is from a first fill Hogshead. Wood comes though on the nose, as well as floral notes and black liquorice.

The first sip definitely reminds me of black liquorice candies and maybe a tiny hint of pepper. It makes my throat feel like it’s been washed in chloraseptic spray, which isn’t actually a bad thing. It has a mild finish, with ginger, and is slightly warming but not overpowering.

A pretty decent whisky, maybe not perfect for my personal palate, but different than anything else I’ve tried before and enjoyable. Not something I’d sit down and drink more than one of, but a nice bottle to share with a fellow whisky enthusiast. 54.4ABV. $200 and sourced from Alberta – Chad N.