Two Brewers Release 42 Yukon Single Malt

This 2nd Canadian whisky taster this month hails from way up north in the Yukon Territory. One could say that Two Brewers Distillery has started another gold rush, this time in liquid form!

(Whitehorse, YT)

46% ABV


This delightful expression offers a lighter take on the Two Brewers Classic, approachable for all but each morsel tinged by complexity. A gentle ride for some, an exhilarating chase for others.

Flitting and flickering through the nose, delicate and enticing. The prominent aroma of fresh hewn oak hides hints of soft-fleshed fruits that better reveal themselves as the dram rests. Raw sugar sweetness leads across each sip joined by green peppercorn and bright melon and a lingering oaken finish.

Two Brewers Whisky | Yukon Single Malt Whisky

What a fantastic whisky, well done Two Brewers, looking forward to trying more of your expressions!

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