Singleton of Glendullan 14 year

This was a bottling from Diageo’s special 2023 bottling release:

55% ABV


Glendullan distillery in Speyside is under the ownership of Diageo and their spirits are mainly used for blends.

Singleton series has Single Malt releases of 12, 15 and 18 year.

Also dubbed the Silken Gown, This 14 year is a 2023 special release by Diageo bottled at Natural cask strength.

Cask Type: Chardonnay de Bourgogne French Oak Finish.

Nose: Some grass, apples, honey, apricots

Palate: The mouthfeel here is a surprisingly dense. At full bore it is drinkable, though it does feel like it needs some loosening up. Apricots and gummy peach rings are the major notes that come to mind. There is also something a bit earthy and dark, almost as if it is lurking behind the brighter fruit notes. Adding water and the mouthfeel transitions to being more milky than dense. The apricot and gummy peach ring notes really take the reins here and are very dominant.

Finish: Medium to long in length. A bit of oak spice, some more of those gummy peach rings, and mineral water wrap things up.

Bladnoch 14 year 2022 Release

Bladnoch 14 year 2022 Release

46.7% ABV 


Bladnoch is a lowland distillery and is the southernmost distillery in Scotland situated on the banks of River Bladnoch.

Founded in 1817 by brothers John and Thomas McLelland.

Over many years of ownership changes the distillery was closed and reopened nearly a dozen times, most recently it was reopened in 2000 and after briefly going into administration in 2014 and was then purchased in 2015 by an Australian yogurt mogul millionaire and whisky enthusiast.

2022 release 14 year old single malt matured in Oloroso Sherry casks meticulously hand selected by Bladnoch master blender Dr. Nick Savage.

Aromas of Oak spice, raisins and sultanas(dried grapes), orange peel and milk chocolate complemented by notes of fruit cake, raisins, cinnamon, dried fruit and creamy chocolate throughout the palate. This is sure to be a tasty dessert like dram.

Masters 2024 – Final Results

Good afternoon, what a beautiful day it is outside in KW! Here are the final prize winners for the pool, maybe they will graciously take us all out for a round with their winnings ;). All the winners will be contacted shortly. We can’t thank everyone enough for their participation and look forward to next years event. And hopefully we will see most of you at the 10th anniversary ETKW charity golf event in July! Please get in touch with us to sign up your foursome.

Masters 2024 – Round 4 Update

Despite what was mostly an anti-climatic finish, the final round of the Masters did not disappoint. 4 players fought hard for the top spot for a good portion of the day, but it was Scottie Scheffler who made a spectacular approach on the 9th after what was a pretty abysmal start (by his standards) that effectively set the tone for the rest of the round.

Ludvig Aberg, in his first Masters appearance, kept creeping near Scottie, though a mistake on 11 putting his second into the water mostly spelled the end of his round. Despite finishing with a couple birdies after that, there was just no competition for Scheffler.

We will have a final post later regarding the closure of the pool, including the final winners once the actual prize monies are finalized. Thanks again to everyone for their participation and we will remind you all again as well about or upcoming 10th year anniversary golf tournament on July 13th. You can view our main Masters page for the flyer.

Masters 2024 – Round 3 Update

There was quite a bit of movement on the leaderboard today with a lot of changes at the top, but by the end of the day, we kind of ended up where the day began. Some tough play on the greens as it was pretty apparent golfers were struggling to make putts.

Despite the pretty major collapse, DeChambeau made a spectacular hole-out shot on the 18th after teeing off into the bushes pretty deep. Not good enough though as Scottie Scheffler held strong despite some mid-round mistakes to take the lead going into the final round. 7 players are within 5 strokes of the lead, so that should make it a fun final round to watch tomorrow!

Masters 2024 – Round 2 Update

Well, round 2 went on without delay, but it sure weather sure did not! What a windy day making for some very difficult play resulting in wild scores! Mostly the leaderboard seems unchanged and ensures that those that made the cut will be in for a great weekend. Hard to believe only 8 players shot under par today. Good luck to everyone hope to see some crazy movement in our pool too! Cheers!