Masters 2024 – Round 4 Update

Despite what was mostly an anti-climatic finish, the final round of the Masters did not disappoint. 4 players fought hard for the top spot for a good portion of the day, but it was Scottie Scheffler who made a spectacular approach on the 9th after what was a pretty abysmal start (by his standards) that effectively set the tone for the rest of the round.

Ludvig Aberg, in his first Masters appearance, kept creeping near Scottie, though a mistake on 11 putting his second into the water mostly spelled the end of his round. Despite finishing with a couple birdies after that, there was just no competition for Scheffler.

We will have a final post later regarding the closure of the pool, including the final winners once the actual prize monies are finalized. Thanks again to everyone for their participation and we will remind you all again as well about or upcoming 10th year anniversary golf tournament on July 13th. You can view our main Masters page for the flyer.

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