Glenglassaugh Torfa

Torfa bottling notes: We’ve seen the Revival and the Evolution, and now Glenglassaugh are adding a peated expression to their range. The Torfa (which refers to the Old Norse word for turf or peat) has been matured in ex-bourbon barrels and weighs in at 20 PPM. We love to see that Glenglassaugh is back up and running again after being closed for over 20 years, and they’ve even got enough momentum to try new things, as this is their first peated single malt Scotch whisky!


Expensive Taste July 25, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Expensive Taste July 25, 2018 Meeting Minutes


Host: Michael Bridgman


Attendence: Absent, Chad, Josh C, Paul, Dan, Rico, Raf


Tasters :

Ardbeg Grooves and Octomore 8.1

Tamara to review the Ardbeg, Mark B to Review Octomore?


August Meeting and Cook Off


Meeting and cook off to be held on Sat, August 25 at Ryan’s House 2752 Kressler Road, Heidelberg.

Teams are as follows — Team 1 –  Tamara, Mark B, Frank

                                     Team 2 – Brad, Adam, Mike, luke

                                     Team 3 – Derek, Ryan, Lee

                                     Team 4 – Chad, Tom, Nick, Josh C


The cook off is the best BBQ sandwich and needs to be served on some kind of bread product, The meeting will take place at 1pm and the judging will start at 4 or 5 pm to be determined at meeting prior. Each team will receive $40.00 at the meeting to reimburse for some of their teams cost.

If people like they are welcome to pitch tents in Ryans back yard and spend the night.


September Meeting

September meeting will be held at Luke Moffatt’s house. It will be a taster night brought to us from Jamesons Irish Whiskey

Ti-Cats Game Update September 15th, 2018


The club will subsidize $600 for bus, we had 13 members interested.  Members will have transportation covered.  Open to non members to go, we would look at $20 bus donation for non members we need 20 people for the group rate deal, please advise immediately, will be sending out a special email invite this week.

Gonna try and get bus early for tailgate., 1pm departure time for Hamilton, game time 4pm to allow ample time for tailgate/lunch. Mark to check into bus.


Treasurer Report

Will attach a separate document to be sent to membership email list directly


Lotto update

In July we won $20 plus a free play on Lotto Max, that will be re-ivested, ongoing play from March is 1 free play for 649; June we have $20 and a free play from Lotto Max, also will be re-invested


60’s trial run:  

We had 6 members pay increased dues of $30 each…(we had additional $60 of dues), we did finish 1 full 60, we have on hand in inventory 1 additional full 60.


Paintball October 13th Update:

Ryan, Tom S, Josh B have paid for paintball. That leaves $140 left from the deposit to come back to the club. Spots for members will be held till after the august meeting. After the meeting Ryan will be paying remainder of deposit and opening up the spots to non members.    


Still to bring food for the year is Adam, Dan A, Lee, Mark B, Mark C, Nick, Paul and Raf.  No food needed for August cook off but September we have Jameson’s coming so it will be a good opportunity to get on it.