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Highland Park 21 2022

This latest release of our 21 Year Old opens with enticing aromas of espresso coffee, dark chocolate, marmalade on toast and crushed coriander seeds. Notes of tangy ginger and oriental spice driven by first-fill, sherry seasoned European oak hogsheads marry sweet citrus and cedar notes from ex-bourbon barrels, while refill casks diffuse any lingering oak and deliver an intriguing layer of complexity. This, and all bound in an aromatic cloud of our trademark heather-infused peat smoke.

Created from only 14 casks, all laid down in 2000 and earlier years, our 2022 release is a superb example of the expert craftsmanship of our Master Whisky Maker, Gordon Motion, who has selected three distinctive cask types and married them to perfection, creating a mature whisky of exceptional quality and character.

Tomatin 1988

The club recently had the pleasure of tasting the Tomatin 1988, a single malt Scotch whisky that was aged for over 25 years in ex-bourbon barrels and finished in first-fill Tawny Port casks. This is a limited edition release of only 2500 bottles, and I must say, as the reviewer, it is one of the most exquisite whiskies I have ever tried.

The nose is rich and complex, with aromas of dried fruits, vanilla, honey, oak, and a hint of spice. The palate is smooth and creamy, with flavors of caramel, chocolate, orange, raisins, and nuts. The finish is long and sweet, with a touch of port wine and wood. The whisky has a beautiful amber color and a velvety texture.

The Tomatin 1988 is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and maturation. It is a whisky that deserves to be savored and appreciated. It is not cheap, but it is worth every penny. If you are looking for a special treat or a gift for a whisky lover, you can’t go wrong with this one. It is simply sublime.

Talisker Port Ruighe

The Talisker Port Ruighe is a non-age statement whisky that has been finished in port casks, giving it a reddish hue and a fruity twist. Here are my thoughts on this dram:

Nose: Rich and smoky, with notes of peat, salt, raisins, plums, and chocolate. A hint of spice and vanilla in the background.

Palate: Full-bodied and smooth, with a burst of peat smoke and saltiness, followed by sweet and sour flavours of port, berries, citrus, and dark chocolate. Some oak and pepper add complexity.

Finish: Long and warming, with lingering smoke, salt, and fruit.

Overall, I really enjoyed this whisky. It has the classic Talisker character of peat and sea salt, but with an added layer of sweetness and richness from the port casks. It’s well balanced and complex, with a lot of flavour and depth. If you like smoky and fruity whiskies, you should give this one a try.

Smokehead Sherry Cask Blast

If you’re looking for a whisky that will blast your taste buds into orbit, look no further than Smokehead Sherry Cask Blast.

This is a peaty, smoky, sherry-finished whisky that is not for the faint of heart. It’s like drinking a bonfire with a splash of fruit juice. But don’t take my word for it, try it yourself and see if you can handle the explosion of flavors. Just be warned, this whisky is not for everyone. It’s for the smokeheads who love a challenge and a thrill. If you’re one of them, you’ll love this whisky. If not, well, you might want to stick to something more tame and boring.

Johnny Walker Island Green

If you’re a fan of Scotch whisky, you might have heard of Johnny Walker Island Green, a blended malt that showcases the flavors of four iconic Scottish islands. I had the chance to try this whisky recently and I was blown away by its complexity and richness. Here’s my review of this amazing dram.

The nose is fresh and fruity, with hints of apple, pear, lemon and honey. There’s also a subtle smokiness that comes from the peated malts of Caol Ila and Talisker. The aroma is inviting and enticing, making you want to take a sip right away.

The palate is smooth and creamy, with a burst of sweetness from the vanilla and caramel notes of Clynelish and Glenkinchie. The whisky is well-balanced, with a nice contrast between the sweet and the smoky elements. The peat is more pronounced on the palate than on the nose, but it’s not overpowering. It adds a layer of depth and character to the whisky, along with some spice and saltiness.

The finish is long and satisfying, with a lingering warmth and a touch of oak. The whisky leaves you with a pleasant aftertaste of smoke, fruit and honey. It’s a whisky that you can enjoy on its own or with some ice or water to open up the flavors.

Johnny Walker Island Green is a whisky that deserves to be savored and appreciated. It’s a whisky that showcases the diversity and quality of Scotch whisky, especially from the island regions. It’s a whisky that I would highly recommend to anyone who loves Scotch or wants to explore new expressions. Cheers!

Longmorn 1999 – 22 year old

May has had a little bit of everything in the weather department here: Rain, Sun, Hot, Cold – all the good things we expect here in Southern Ontario. I reminisce to those May 24 camping weekends which inspired this month’s Whisky selection.

I know what you’re thinking, Chad has gone and put a full-on smoldering campfire in my jar. Not so.
Just imagine My Name Is by Eminem or Genie in a Bottle or even Every Morning from Sugar Ray blasting out of your Sanyo ghetto blaster that has just chewed through 74 C batteries from a weekend of camping… that year was 1999.

So while you were sitting around the campsite trying to fight off hypothermia with a case of Molson Canadian a few packs of Players cigarettes; this spectacular dram was about to be laid to rest for the next 22 years.

Longmorn 1999 – 22 year old
Speyside Region
Bottled by Gleann Mor from their Rare find collection
Coming in at 54.3% ABV
Refill Bourbon Barrels

Longmorn distillery has been around since 1893 and mainly produces 15 and 16 year old single malts for sale in the UK among some other special edition releases. There are virtually no reviews and very limited information on this whisky. All I can tell you it’s smells delicious.

So, remember while you are sitting back relaxing in your camping chair or backyard listening to Vertical Horizon on your Bluetooth speaker this Friday, who would have thought we would all be where we are today in 2023 and how awesome it is that we get to enjoy a few sips of nostalgia with our closest friends.


Macallan A Night On Earth In Scotland

If you are looking for a unique and memorable experience, you might want to consider Macallan A Night On Earth In Scotland. This is a special event that offers you the opportunity to spend a night in a luxury dome surrounded by nature and whisky. But, how did the scotch with the same name taste?

This scotch is a blend of rare and aged whiskies from different casks, each with its own unique character and flavor. The result is a complex and rich scotch that offers a sensory journey through the Scottish landscape.

The nose of this scotch is inviting and warm, with notes of dried fruits, vanilla, oak, and spice. The palate is smooth and full-bodied, with layers of honey, citrus, chocolate, and nuts. The finish is long and satisfying, with hints of smoke, leather, and wood. This scotch is a true masterpiece that showcases the art of blending and maturing whiskies.

Macallan A Night On Earth In Scotland is also an experience collaboration between The Macallan, one of the most renowned whisky brands in the world, and Unyoked, a company that specializes in creating off-grid escapes. The event takes place at The Macallan Estate, a 485-acre property in Speyside, Scotland, where the whisky is made.

The event includes a guided tour of The Macallan Distillery, where you can learn about the history and craftsmanship of the whisky, as well as a tasting session of some of the rarest and finest expressions. You will also enjoy a gourmet dinner prepared by a local chef, using fresh and seasonal ingredients.

To finish, this is a scotch that deserves to be savored and appreciated. It is a rare and exquisite expression of the Macallan legacy and the beauty of Scotland. If you have a chance to taste this scotch, don’t miss it. You will be rewarded with an unforgettable experience that will transport you to a night on earth in Scotland.

Canadian Rockies 28 Year Old

This was a last minute find from the LCBO! If you’re looking for a smooth and satisfying whisky that will make you feel like you’re in the Canadian Rockies, look no further than the 28 Year Old whisky from Canadian Rockies. This whisky is aged for 28 years in oak barrels, giving it a rich and complex flavor with hints of vanilla, caramel, and spice. Whether you enjoy it neat, on the rocks, or mixed with your favorite cocktail, you’ll love the smooth and balanced taste of this whisky. It’s perfect for celebrating special occasions, or just relaxing after a long day. Canadian Rockies 28 Year Old whisky is a rare and limited edition whisky that you don’t want to miss. If you can get your hands on it, you will experience the best of Canadian whisky!

Kinahan’s Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Hey whiskey lovers, I have some exciting news for you! We celebrated St Patrick’s day with an Irish Whiskey focused tasting session. It began with a bottle of Kinahans Single Malt Irish Whiskey, and let me tell you, it’s a treat. This whiskey is made from 100% malted barley and aged in ex-bourbon barrels for a smooth and complex flavor. It has notes of vanilla, honey, citrus and spice, with a long and satisfying finish. It’s perfect for sipping neat or mixing in cocktails.

If you’re looking for a new whiskey to try, we highly recommend Kinahans Single Malt Irish Whiskey. It’s a true Irish gem that will make you feel like you’re in the Emerald Isle. Cheers!

Writers Tears Double Oak

Our next sampling in the tour across Ireland was a new release from one of my favorite Irish distilleries: Writers Tears Double Oak. This is a blend of single pot still and single malt whiskeys that have been aged in both American oak and French oak casks. Sounds intriguing, right? Let’s dive in!

The nose is rich and sweet, with notes of vanilla, honey, caramel, and dried fruits. I also get some hints of spice, oak, and leather. The aroma is very inviting and complex. The palate is smooth and creamy, with a nice balance of sweetness and spice. The flavors are similar to the nose, but with more depth and intensity. I taste vanilla, honey, caramel, raisins, figs, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, oak, and leather. The finish is long and warming, with a lingering sweetness and spice. The oak influence is noticeable but not overpowering.

Writers Tears Double Oak is a delicious and satisfying whiskey that showcases the best of Irish whiskey making. It has a lot of character and flavor, but also a lot of elegance and finesse. It’s a whiskey that can be enjoyed by both beginners and connoisseurs alike. I, and the club, highly recommend it to anyone who loves Irish whiskey or wants to try something new and different. Cheers!