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Masters Pool – 4th Round Update

What a final round! There was no drama heading into the 72nd hole, but it seemed like there was nothing stopping Rahmbo today. The preliminary standings are attached and final results will be posted once the prize money is verified by PGA. Congrats to Shaun Cullen for having Rahm, Koepka and Phil in his lineup and taking down the the Annual Expensive Taste Masters Pool.

Winners will be contacted Monday.

Port Dundas 1974

The fifth and final bottle from our 15 year anniversary. Port Dundas 43 – distilled June 1, 1974! Bottled by independent bottler, The Exclusive Grains, with only 228 available. There is very little out there about this rare bottle, from a closed and demolished (2011) Lowland distillery, which once was the largest in Scotland. From our perspective, this was a light and easy-going dram, with some vestiges of vanilla, and definite cereal and herbal tones. A whopping $2300 CAD average on Whisky Base!

What a pleasure to sample these 5 great bottles this past January, now concluding our “139 years in the barrel” journey.

Strathclyde 31

Taster #4 from our 15th Anniversary prestige whisky extravaganza, leaving only 1 more reveal for that total of 139 years in the barrel! Do the math, this means our 5th and final taster was a whopping 43 years old (post coming soon)!!

Check out Cadenhead’s Strathclyde 31, a single grain whisky from the Scottish Lowlands. It was aged in ex-bourbon casks, with heaps of vanilla ice cream and pecan pie on the nose, and subtly spicy, orange chocolate on the pallet. Sounds scrumptious, and it did not disappoint! 

Strathclyde distillery opened in 1927 and its production primarily goes into blends. It is currently used in Chivas Brothers offerings and owned by Pernod Ricard. There are very few bottlings of straight-up Strathclyde ever made, all from independents. One of a kind, ours was bottled in 2020. Couldn’t have an anniversary without another new distillery to the club, at an impressive 31 years old!

A lovely pre-pop photo, chilling in a snowbank just waiting for us to crack into it! 

Bunnahabhain 27

Our third selection for our 15-year anniversary was “A Marriage of Casks” Bunnahabhain 27, from the Single Malts of Scotland range bottled by Elixir Distillers. This is a small batch vatting of 4 refill bourbon hogshead casks bottled in 2018. Apparently, the bourbon influence is front and centre! Rich, fruity, complex, balanced and buttery with spicy notes. Round and beautiful. It has an average price of $786 CAD. A unique and limited quantity run – a hogshead generally holds 250 liters, meaning less than 1000 liters of this nectar were ever available!