JJ Corry – The Hanson Irish Whiskey

It’s March! In celebration of St. Patricks Day month our whisky ambassador Chad made a few fantastic Irish whiskey choices for the month. Up first is an expression from JJ Corry called the “Hanson”. It’s availble at the LCBO for $99.15.

I’d recommend taking a tour of JJ Corry’s website for their extensively detailed story behind the “Hanson”.

The Hanson | JJ Corry

Blended Irish whiskies from around Ireland aged from 5-11 years, bottled at 46% ABV.

Nose: Rich and deep notes of vanilla fudge and toasted coconut speak of the bourbon influence. Top notes of griddled pineapple and lime give a fresh zing.

Palate: A lively start with bright, green apples, toasted coconut continuing from the nose. The influence of fresh oak is clear; with rye grass developing to lemon grass.

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