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Masters 2019

Well, here we are again with yet another record breaking year for participants in the annual Expensive Taste Masters Tournament! The club would just like to thank everyone for joining us in this and to wish everyone the best of luck as this great tournament progresses throughout the weekend!

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We have reached yet another new record of 140 entrants for this years Masters pool! This smashed the previous record of 76. Expensive Taste thanks everyone for their ongoing support with this great event. The tournament is now live, and the attached sheet shows the list of all people participating this year.


1st $            550.00
2nd $            350.00
3rd $            200.00
4th $            100.00
5th $              60.00
6th $              40.00
7th $              30.00
8th $              20.00
Site Fee $              50.00

Good luck again to all, and stay tuned for round by round updates!