21 Year Royal Salute

Overall, I would say although Chivas is outside my top 10 in favourite brands, this 21 year-old Royal Salute satisfied the nostrils quite well on a warm summer evening.  It was quite soft on the nose initially with what seemed to hint at a chocolatey (but not too sweet) sniff…. very inviting for a taste.

2016_06_24_20_07_49_ProShotThe palate felt like a party in the mouth with a wide variety of tastes ranging from creamy/fruity to a confirmation of the chocolatey/nutty nose.

The finish however disappointed for a blend, as a few flavours competed to make a lasting impression, but the dram lacked the necessary finishing time expected from a 21 year old.



Overall, it was an enjoyable experience, but other options exist for consuming multiple drams at this price point.

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