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Bruichladdich Black Art 6.1

For May 2024 monthly taster we were lucky to find a special release through our own member Lee. Thanks for the sourcing of the fantastic Bruichladdich Black Art 6.1 version!

Cask Strength at 46.9% ABV, 1990 vintage at 26 years old, 100% unpeated malted barley, matured on Islay, non-chill filtered. 1 of 18,000 bottles world wide. Only 17,999 remain!

Nose: Aromatic malt that reaches your nose even as the glass sits on the table. Black cherries, ripe bananas, green pears and other stone fruit. Spicy butterscotch and burnt orange peel. White chocolate, nutmeg and leathery depth.

Palate: Wood is definitely present, but is more balanced than expected given the age. The play between whisky and wood is a powerful one, with a lot of flavor and character behind it. It is a dance of savory vanilla, tingling spice and sweet dark fruits.

Finish: So smooth and lingering. Leaves you wanting a 2nd, 3rd and 4th sip. Just a fantastic whisky and version of the Black Art series. Looking forward to trying another version at some point!