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Shelter Point 10 Year Old Single Malt

The Single Malt Canadian whisky market is here and is here to make a statement.

This month we have Three Single Malt Canadian whiskeys on tap. 

In a small niche market which Glen Breton had typically only played in has now become a boom on Canada’s beautiful West Coast up to Yukon Territory across the Prairies to the 100th Meridian(where the Great Plains begin).

Are we ready to take on the global single malt market dominated by Scotland? Not yet, however, us Canadians are not scared of our foes and we thrive on commitment and excellence in every endeavour we choose to take on.

This is just the beginning for our Home and native land and its Single Malt whisky industry.

Friday June 28th we can sit back, relax and enjoy some Canadian ingenuity in liquid form. Whether the whisky is good or bad it won’t matter because after the last drop is gone, Canada is still the best country in the world!

Shelter Point 10 Year Old Single Malt

(Oyster River, B.C)

46% ABV


Matured in 3 different ex-bourbon casks

  • Nose: Rich chewy caramel malt, no abv, light spice, touch floral
  • Taste: Bold, sweet and spicy, creamy caramel malt, baking spice, the oak is balancing
  • Finish: Salinity, joins the sweet malt and tasty oak.

The club felt this one was bang on and most represented a true single malt scotch version, just one that was distilled and aged right here in Canada on Vancouver Island. What a fantastic bottling and taster that all enjoyed. Oh Canada!!