Jameson Whiskey Makers Series – The Blenders Dog

Crafted by Master Billy Leighton, this whiskey is named for a tool of the trade, a small metal tube used to check levels and collect samples straight from the cask, the Blenders Dog is never far from its masters side.

Billy is the Head Blender at Jameson so the pressure is on him to ensure all of the Jameson family blends being made are of the highest quality, his whiskey is his art, like a conductor orchestrating a melodic symphony.

This particular blend from the Jameson Masters Series is aged 5-7 years, mellow with a creamy butterscotch flavour followed by notes of kiwi fruit. This Whiskey has a great balance of fruit and sweet flavours, perfect for a mid-day snack!

Available at the LCBO (Product # 476697) and priced at $99.95 you may get a bit of sticker shock if you’re used to only shelling out $40 for the original Jameson but…. these special editions have been made with a unique story to share and incredible detail right down to the fingerprint of Billy Leighton on the front label.

In my opinion this bottle at its current price point may not appeal to a wide audience, but don’t let price scare you off as you will certainly be getting a high quality Irish Whiskey crafted by a true master in the whiskey making world.

Purchasing this bottle should be a no brainier for collectors and fans of the Jameson brand, it would also make great gift with the bottles appealing presentation and unique distinction as a Special Edition series.

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