An evening with Jameson Irish Whiskey hosted by Connor Timmonds

On Feb 24th, 2017 the club had the pleasure of having a guided tasting hosted by Jameson Irish Whiskey Canadian ambassador Connor Timmonds.

Where to start?  How about the incredible lineup of whiskies that Connor brought with him in his travels down the 401 to Waterloo Region.

Jameson Original Irish Whiskey
Black Barrell
Rebreast 12 Year
Blenders Dog
Coopers Croze
Distillers Safe

Connor presented a fantastic story of the history of the distillery inter woven with timely tastings of each of the 8 expressions. I must say it was quite the treat to sample the new lineup of the 3 special expressions, Blenders Dog, Coopers Croze and Distillers Safe. Each had a fantastic story behind the blends.

Thank you Connor on behalf of Expensive Taste for the fantastic tasting.

Tasting write ups coming shortly.


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