Stalk & Barrel 100% Rye Cask Strength (Green Label)

If you are looking for a Cask Strength Whisky to sip on this weekend, check out the Stalk & Barrel 100% Rye Cask Strength Edition, coming in at 60.2% Alcohol it is a surprisingly mild Cask Strength Bottle. I wasn’t able to track this bottle down on the LCBO website, but it is available for Sale on the Stalk & Barrel website (

I found this whisky very light on the nose with a Woody aroma it leaves you wondering what to expect in your first sip….. Well, let me tell you! Expect Strong Oak and Grassy flavors followed by a quick finish that brings through the Ginger or a Sweet & Spicy flavor at the end.

A fellow Expensive taste member sitting next to me had added a small drop of water to his glass on a suggestion to open up the whisky! I personally didn’t do this in my glass because I enjoyed it in it’s original form, but I did try theirs with the water and WOW!!!! It was an eye watering experience which I did not enjoy, in fact I think it ruined the whisky and turned it into fuel with no particular flavours.

Overall, I enjoyed this Whisky, it is not as mature as some others on the market in the Cask category, but I am always one to support local distilleries and the products they create, the story that comes along with the samples always makes me enjoy the experience much more.

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