JP Wiser’s Dissertation

Dr. Livermore Master Blender at JP Wisers is one of few people with a PhD in distilling. This complex whisky is the result of his studies in the effects of barrels on whisky.   The best kept secret of long-aged whisky it seems, is that oxidation of the spirit itself contributes greatly to flavour development, and this process also takes time. Lots of it. Wood is just a part of the process.  The result is a hugely flavourfiul, beautifully balanced whisky, and one that Livermore calls his proudest accomplishment to date. That says a lot considering all the glorious beauties emerging from the Pike Creek warehouses these days.

Virgin oak imparts bronze colour and fruity character to this whisky. Green apple, pear, and honey with rye spices on the nose and orchard fruit balanced with oak on the palate.

J.P. Wiser’s Dissertation is bottled at 46.1% abv.

Nose: Sweet, maple syrup with a whisp of vanilla, hints of oak, and a touch of citrus

Palate:  Sweet, creamy and syrupy with woody barrel notes, vague vanillas, and with a touch of berries . A relaxed heat develops into a warm spicy glow

Finish: Hot and sweet, creamy smooth, and spicy.

After having a strong tasting glass full, I was left wanting for more of this sweet stroke of Canadian Whisky brilliance.  Highly recommended and currently still available at the L|Co here in Ontario.

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