Balblair 2005 Highland Single Malt

In the glass, the spirit is extremely light in color and certainly likes to show off it’s legs. Swirling it in the glass highlights it’s oily consistency.
Bringing it to the nose yields a crisp and sweet aroma that was underscored by a distinct note of alcohol. There were no real standouts in the nose to prepare for what the palate had in store, yet somehow it still made my mouth water with anticipation.
On the palate, things started very mellow with a bit of sweetness, and a twist of citrus. This didn’t evolve much deeper until the finish which presented itself with immediacy. A warming developed along with the oakiness and light smoke. Some spice seemed to shine through as well on sips 2 and 3 which were reminiscent of clove for me.
Paying homage to the nose, the finish left my mouth watering still, eager for the next sip! Trailing the finish was a lingering and comforting warmth that just somehow makes you content.
I really enjoyed this Balblair expression. Its timing for the setting was perfect: poolside on a surprisingly cool summer evening. The whiskey didn’t have a wide flavor profile to my mind, but it didn’t need one to be successful here. It delivered on being a whiskey that wanted to be drank, and leaving you content to do so.
Bottom line: likely not one for the aficionado who likes to analyze their whiskey, but a great social choice since you don’t have to concentrate to much to enjoy it.

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