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Signatory Vintage North British 1991

A tasty 28-year whisky from North British, one of few dedicated grain distilleries in Scotland. It’s a big place, located right in the City of Edinburgh and established in 1885. I don’t think it can be classified as a mind-blowing bottle, but I am very appreciative of the chance to try something off the beaten track, a sherry-aged grain whisky! (FYI that means a whisky made with at least some grain other than malted barley). I think it works. 46.2% ABV and one of 461 bottles. $250, sourced from The Whisky Barrel.

Auchroisk 2007 – Signatory Vintage

Another first-timer for Club Expensive Taste. An interesting sampler with a lovely bright straw (natural) colour. Light and fruity, grape-forward, certain vanilla, with a hit of spice on the end. A delicate and appealing combination. 43%, hogshead maturation and a very appealing price point at only $100 with shipping from out-of-country. Glad we broadened the horizons with this little rarity.