Balvenie 12 Year Old Single Barrel

It starts off with a shout of pepper, which overwhelms your senses, and then ends on a lighter note with a hint of vanilla. That will make you a glutton for punishment as you go back for a second or third snifter.

Balvenie 12Color-
Having been matured in first-fill bourbon casks gives it that beautiful nectar of the gods honey gold standard.

A complex dram, between bourbon cask spice and sweet toffee, that blows up on your tongue. A nice, spicy heat that takes off like a plane.  A flash of lighting comes over your palate, a sweet toffee and creamy caramel. Pass it around like a good buddy.

Final thoughts-
Usually I can take or leave Balvenie. This one has most definitely made an impression on me. The way I rate my scotches is; would I add it to my personal bar? This one I most definitely would. It would be a perfect dessert to have after a big thanksgiving dinner. Don’t forget the pumpkin pie.

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