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Benromach 15 Year old Speyside March 2017

Colour– First lets start off by giving it a little bit of a swirling in my rocks glass, giving the whiskey a chance to breath . The thing that catches my eye is the spirit sticking to the rocks glass as honey does to a spoon that been dunked  in a hot tea. It had legs for days. The colour reminded me of a beautiful autumn morning as the sun rises over the bronze leaved maple trees as the coppery golden rays start the day and welcome me to flavour country.

Nose-Here is a part I always struggle with. Maybe because I got my nose broken in a rugby tournament or my profession (plumber) has something to do with it; Smelling all sorts of toxic vapor that I have inhaled for many years – or maybe I just suck at it. So here we go.  It starts off with hints of vanilla then goes right into that wonderful smoke from the bourbon cask, then coming to a close with a subtle undertone of sea salt.

Taste– The Beginning as it’s hitting the tongue and covers it with an oily velvet smooth texture. Then it brings on the sherry cask sweetness that one would suspect, but looming underneath touches of caramel and pepper. Wait we aren’t done yet, here comes that wonderful bourbon cask warming smokiness, maybe as I dare say peaty.  It over took my pallet flashing to time as like that of the first summer camp fire warming your soul.

Finish– What’s left to be said other then it dances down my throat leaving me with complex flavour smoky, sweet goodness, leaving my taste buds begging for more.

Final thoughts– I rather enjoy this bolt, what else need to be said. Its price mark at the L.C.B.O. is $140. This might be at a higher end price point for some people, but with costs on the rise for whisky these days, a good value. I would suggest you save up your nickels for this one, or maybe get your wife/girl friend to buy this as a gift. Would I add this lovely bottle of spirit to my bar. Yes I would.

Cheers, Nicholas H Stefan

The Balvenie 14 Caribbean Cask

The Balvenie 14 Caribbean  Cask – extra matured rum casks
TheBalvenie14CaribbeanNose- The aroma off of the Balvenie is quite lackluster.  With only hints of rum, then coming to a close with subtle sweet undertones (toffee, vanilla). Just that, short and sweet.

Taste-  As it over takes your tongue, it brings a butter oily texture, which is rather unsuspecting.  Following right after is the rum cask.  And as fast as it came it was gone, leaving you with only some sweet toffee.

It was clean. I don’t know what other then that. No heat, no smoke or peat, no lasting lingering aftertaste.

Conclusion- I was not overly impressed with this scotch.  It just didn’t live up to my expectation.  If I was you, I’d find a friend that has it and convince him to let you try it.  My final thoughts are; weak sauce.

Balvenie 12 Year Old Single Barrel

It starts off with a shout of pepper, which overwhelms your senses, and then ends on a lighter note with a hint of vanilla. That will make you a glutton for punishment as you go back for a second or third snifter.

Balvenie 12Color-
Having been matured in first-fill bourbon casks gives it that beautiful nectar of the gods honey gold standard.

A complex dram, between bourbon cask spice and sweet toffee, that blows up on your tongue. A nice, spicy heat that takes off like a plane.  A flash of lighting comes over your palate, a sweet toffee and creamy caramel. Pass it around like a good buddy.

Final thoughts-
Usually I can take or leave Balvenie. This one has most definitely made an impression on me. The way I rate my scotches is; would I add it to my personal bar? This one I most definitely would. It would be a perfect dessert to have after a big thanksgiving dinner. Don’t forget the pumpkin pie.