Glenfiddich The Original

I sat down and was introduced to this fine swallow of liquid. It is a speyside single malt scotch and the concept of the bottle by the distiller was to copy the original 1963 Glenfiddich straight malt bottle. They did this by using original samples and research ingredients from the Glenfiddich archives. Now I was not born in 1963 nor had the original but will say it was nay bad in my books.
Glenfiddich The OriginalA sniff of the glass did not produce any strong reactions. It was fruity but not overpowering so and did take a second sniff to identify even that.  The taste was like the smell and was very easy going down with a sweet taste and just a hint of oak The aftertaste was dry and did not carry a strong exit taste. Overall I found this bottle as very easy drinking scotch. May not appeal to some looking for a strong reaction, but was to my taste in scotch.
LCBO list price is $119.90 Priced as a premium scotch it did seem appropriate for the experience.

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