Oban Little Bay

The nose on this was slightly malty. I could detect honey, oak and maybe dried fruit. As I brought the glass closer this did not change, it just intensified. As I took my first sip, I was hit with the dry fruit element, waxy honey, and a strong oak.

As this rolled over my tongue, it started to mellow and I could slightly detect an orange component that surprised me as there was no hint of citrus until now. I found this scotch finished clean, a good one to sip on a summer patio all evening long. This scotch would pair well with seafood, or Mexican dishes as I think the sweetness from the fruit and honey would benefit from a spicy component that I did not find present in my glass.

Overall I enjoyed this scotch. At a $100 a bottle I do feel there are better choices for that price point. If you find an opportunity to taste this it’s definitely worth a try, but I will pass this one over when it comes to my personal collection.

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